Red string. A modality of protection prevalent in those associated with the Kabbalah and religious forms of Judaism. In times when one is thought to be on the receiving end of the evil eye, it is customary in some cultures to shield oneself with red string upon the left wrist.


Mal de Ojo. Nazar. EvilEye. In cultures worldwide this symbol has been used to ward off ill will and bad luck. Worn as both talismans and incorporated throughout everyday items. This symbolism can be found in the spiritual practices of cultures from Ancient Egypt, Modern Greece, India, Spain, to Puerto Rico and the list goes on. 


The power of three. The trifecta. In Hermetic studies there are three parts of the wisdom of the whole universe; Alchemy, Astrology, and Theurgy. In Tai Chi they recognize what are know as the 3 Dantians. The Lower Dantian: (Jing) the physical body. The Middle Dantian: (QI) located at the heart, relates to our emotions and thoughts. The Upper Dantian: (Shen) related to our spirit and/or consciousness.


Copper plated ring. Provides a harmonic connection between the physical and astral bodies and aligns the subtle bodies while reminding us that everything is cycle acknowledging a never-ending loop of energy.



Used world wide to help harness the warmth of the Sun to indoor spaces. These handcrafted Suncatchers make Rainbows while helping restore peaceful energy to a chaotic space. Intentionally created with elements of protection these beauties are a wonderful addition to any space.