June: Rokugatsu: Peony: Botan


Known as the 'King of Flowers', the peony is a Japanese flower symbolizing good fortune, bravery, and honour. As with most flowers in Japan, they are often used to convey what can not be spoken.


A blend of both sides of my Indigeneity this design fuses Pacific and Mainland via First Nations Silver and Oceanic aesthetic.


Commonplace in every Palauan home, Hanafuda(Hanahuda) is a flower card game brought to the islands by the Japanese during the World Wars that has become engrained in Micronesian culture worldwide. Centered around the seasons, these beautiful cards create perfect union with pieces of upcycled authentic Navajo Silver.  A true fusion of East and West. 


May this adornment work in unison with your intentions to feel flow and embrace the beauty within as you navigate the path towards holistic harmony.