ap·o·tro·pa·ic /ˌapətrəˈpāik/ adjective

1. having the power to avert evil influences or bad luck. 


This blend calls on essences from our plant family to work harmoniously with our environment to both rid and dispell any negative energies that seek to disrupt our inner peace.


Florida Water, Pine Oil, Neroli, Palo Santo, and blessings from the Pacific Ocean come together in this fragrant spritz to assist us in our journey towards holistic harmony.


Suggested usage:

With calm breath and clear heart spritz surrounding area and/or self with Apotropaic. Breathe in. Deep. Allow the calming fragrance of our MotherNature allies to envelop your senses and bring you back to source. With each exhale imagine the weight of all things holding you down peacefully and willfully exit the body. With another spritz refute any negative energies you know are not your own. Allow these energies to remove themselves from your auric field resetting your inner light. 

Repeat throughout the day as necessary.